Hi Brent,

My name is Joanne Davis, you installed sub floor ventilation at my house in Bayles roughly 12 months ago.

I just wanted to let you know that since having this installed, my kids have NOT been sick. You are never going to stop the common cold, but the baby doesn’t get croup anymore. My eldest son hasn’t had asthma and my middle son has only had asthma once. I cannot rave to people enough about how much this simple solution has saved my family’s health.

As soon as someone tells me about how they or their kids are constantly sick….BANG….I’m telling them about you guys and passing on your details. It’s hard to convince some people, but I try hard because the results are amazing.

I am just about to pass your details onto another family in Hall Road Bayles. Geoff got pneumonia 12 months ago and can’t seem to get back on his feet. He’s just had a 2 week spell in hospital. They live in an old house on a dairy farm, so, I asked, do you have mould anywhere, are your windows wet, is your floor extremely cold, call CPD Ventilation. I recommend you guys that often, that I was wandering if you could please send me a stack of business cards to hand out please.

Jo Davis

Getting Vents Air Exchange technology installed is the best thing that I’ve ever done. Since the installation of Vents technology, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in air quality and a huge improvement in my quality of life.

Tony C

Vents air exchange technology has made a huge improvement to our work environment

Jo F

Finally some awesome relief to our ventilation issues. Your ventilation technology is Absolutely Fantastic!

Sally Q